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13th October 2008

zoemunke9:03am: Wedding Questions
Can anyone recommend:

-a good seamstress/tailor for my dress and his suit?
-a good, reasonably priced DJ?

Also, does anyone have any experience with KB Kakes and Elegant Event's Catering?
Recommendations for and against are equally helpful.

Thanks in advance.

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18th July 2008

limelight_lude1:19pm: SATURDAY!!!: HUGE RUMMAGE SALE - DOWNTOWN ORLANDO - Support a great cause!
Don't miss this mega sale!

9 am kicks off the fun.

Dozens of families have donated to this mega sale event to benefit the Florida School of Holistic Living

Lots of Furniture, including appliances like stoves and coffee makers, tables, dressers, filing cabinets, and much more

Electronics including dvd players

Lots of books, cds, dvds, vhs, and tons of VINYL

Lots of clothing, plus kids clothing and brand new shoes

Household items, and much more! All priced to SELL!

At FL School of Holistic Living and Evolve
604 N Thornton Avenue, Orlando
Corner of Thornton and Concord, one block SW of Mills and Colonial
2 doors south of Dandelion Communitea Cafe

See you there!!

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8th May 2007


15th January 2007



6th December 2006

bigesmall3:35am: 1st Annual Florida ART Film Festival
1st Annual Florida ART Film Festival held this weekend, Decembe 9-10.

Matinee and Evening Program scheduled for each day.

December 9: The Documentaries
Documentary Short Winner: "Everybody in Their Underwear"
Documentary Workshop featuring Georg Koszulinski,
Writer/Director/Producer of "Cracker Crazy: The Ivisible History of the Sunshine State."
Matinee Program begins: 1:00 pm
Evening Program begins: 5:00 pm

December 10: The Narratives
Narrative Short Winners:
"A Tale of Two Megans"
"Taste of Kream"
"How Do You Spell Hornswaggle?"
Narrative Feature Winner:
"The Essence of Irwin"
Narrative Workshop featuring D.A. Jackson,
Writer/Director/Producer of "Prodigal."
Matinee Program begins: 10:00 a.m.
Evening Program begins: 5:00 p.m.

Location: Acrosstown Repertory Theater
619 South Main Street
Gainesville, FL 32604

Day Pass = $10
Weekend Pass = $15

Hope to see you there.

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30th November 2006



16th November 2006

gatorgirl56014:18am: HELP! Sublease for Spring Semester!!
Hi everyone!

If you know anyone coming up to UF for spring, unhappy with their current setup, etc...send them my way!!

I'm subleasing my 1/1 room in a 4b/4bath apartment for the spring semester, January through May. It's only $425 per month with all utilities included (wireless internet, cable, electricity, etc) and you get a walk-in closet, private bathroom, and spacious bedroom (furnished)! There's a full kitchen AND laundry room. Plus, its located really close to UF with bus routes 12 and 35 going to campus all the time. Only requirement is that you must be female, as you'll be living with 3 other girls. They're all easy going and very studious (law student, pre-vet, etc). As far as pets go, small caged animals are allowed. It's at University Terrace Gainesville (the one off of Archer, down 34th street) and conveniently located near Butler plaza and all the shopping. If you want more information, email me at gatorgirl5601@yahoo.com. Thank you! :)



15th November 2006

snowspinner3:15pm: EUS 4930: Absurd Politics
Hey all - sorry to be spammy, but I have a course that got into the catalogue late, and hasn't been well publicized. So I'm, shall we say, engaging in creative marketing. It's in the Center for European Studies, so while it probably won't actually help anyone on earth graduate, I can at least promise that it'll be an interesting class. And unlike all your other classes, it actually gets easier as the semester goes on - the hard reading is at the start, and the last four weeks have virtually no reading. (One Shakespeare play and a single essay over all four weeks.)

The class is on absurdist theater in Europe, focusing particularly on the life and career of Vaclav Havel, a Czech playwright who was a political dissident under Soviet rule, and who, after the ten-day nonviolent Velvet Revolution of 1989 was elected president of Czechoslovakia. The course will try to figure out how it is that a playwright, of all people, whose plays could not even legally be performed in his own country, was able to have sufficient influence to become President of the country after its revolution.

On top of that, there will be a look at other absurdist plays (Ionesco, Sartre), some short stories of Kafka, some films, a prison memoir, several essays, and a Slovenian rock band that does industrial covers of the Beatles.

So if anyone is interested and has an elective free, please go for it. It'd be a particularly good class for English majors, I reckon, though theater and history probably wouldn't find it totally useless either.

The course website is here. The section number is 6837, the course number is EUS 4930.


9th November 2006

aco_helpdesk3:05pm: Care to share your UF computing experiences?
Hey Florida,

My name is Kaitlyn, and I'm working on a co-op placement at the University of Waterloo, mostly in the Arts Faculty Helpdesk, but also for the Information Systems and Technology department. IST are trying to keep up with students' computing needs here, and we'd like to know what you like and dislike about your school's approach.

Do you find your teachers' expectations exceed what the school can support when it comes to computing? Does your school have a required laptop program but doesn't support it? Or, do you love how well you can stay wired on your campus?

If you'd like to share your thoughts, please do so by filling out a 5-10 minute survey here:

The results will only be identifiable by IP address, and it will not be used in the analysis. I will only link your school to your answers.

If you have any questions, you can email me at aco.helpdesk {at} gmail.com.

Thanks, and I hope you're having a great fall semester.

~ Kaitlyn


1st November 2006

pardolang5:46pm: Anyone looking for a job in Gainesville?
Interesting site for anyone looking for a job...or MIGHT ever be looking for a job.



25th October 2006

myownsky11:13pm: Upcoming Radio Fashion Events in Lakeland!

- HAUNTED HOUSE "The Cellar"
Friday Oct 27 - Tuesday Oct 31
7-10pm Nightly / $3 per person

- UMBRELLAS (militia group recording artist)
Tuesday November 14 / 7pm / $5

INFO: Tim Serdynski @ 863-688-2021


27th September 2006

geniusyou7:11pm: Do you have food allergies?
Linda Jones, a clinical psychology graduate student at UMBC, is conducting an online research study on how young adults with peanut allergy and/or tree nut allergy perceive the way their parent(s) raised them. Her research also aims to determine how these characteristics relate to other aspects of daily life. All participants must be between the ages of 18 and 22 and have a food allergy. Participants will be entered in a drawing to win their choice of either an Ipod or Nintendo DS-Lite. If you would like to participate the link to the survey is below. It may take up to an hour to complete.

Peanut and Tree Nut Allergies’ Impact on Perceived Parental Characteristics




1st September 2006

myownsky11:29pm: Here's some awesome Radio Fashion Shows to mark on your calendars!


Tuesday Nov. 14th
@ The Tuesday Music Club - Lakeland

UMBRELLAS (militia group)
STELLAMARIS (rock from texas)
Tim Serdynski
48 States Away (former members of Your Ex Hero)



24th August 2006



3rd August 2006

chicklet4:51pm: Statistics for Social Sciences
This is really random and a longshot, but...

Does anybody have a syllabus for Statistics for Social Sciences (STA 2122) that they could email to me? I took the course too many years ago to still have mine and now I need it. Please email idiosyncrasy-at-gmail if you can help!




27th June 2006

repnation2:43pm: Take a look at www.repnation.com and register to work for companies such as Microsoft, Dell, JetBlue, and more.

What is RepNation for?
RepNation is the country's leading student rep network. RepNation is a part of The Mr. Youth Agency, the nation's premier youth marketing agency. At Mr. Youth, we create and deliver innovative marketing programs that assist some of the world's greatest brands in reaching the college market. In order to effectively reach the college market, many of our programs focus on the recruitment and management of student representatives.

Where do I come in?
As a student, you are the expert on your campus. You know the best places to promote, the events that we need to be at, student group leaders and what messages resonate loudest on your campus. We look to you to help us create a customized marketing plan for your campus and to assist in the execution of that plan.

What do I get for being a student rep?
Being a student representative will give you amazing real world experience. You will get experience creating and managing your own marketing program and will have real results to show for it. In short, you will have a huge leg up and great experience to speak about when you graduate. As if that wasn't enough, most of our programs offer reps the ability to earn very attractive compensation and/or incentive packages. And you get all this while building your own work schedule.

What are you looking for?
All programs are different and the qualifications change based on the client. Some programs call for technical expertise, some an interest in fashion, others for those who love throwing events… What does not change is our search for sharp, motivated students who enjoy and take pride in being the voice of our clients' brands on their campus.


24th June 2006

_bella_luna12:05pm: Free Cycle!!!
Thanks to everyone that came out to our yard sale. We just wrapped it up and we still have a lot of good stuff left over that is totally and completely FREE!!!

First come first serve. We put everything on the sidewalk so you can just come by and pick it up. I'll try to update as I see things disappearig. I can't hold on to any of this stuff hence the reason I put it on the roadside in hopes that someone will come take it away.

Mill Run Apartments on SW 20th Avenue. From 34th Street: Turn right/left onto SW 20th Ave at the Kash-n-Karry and Campus Credit Union intersection. Mill Run will be the fourth complex on the left. Turn left into Mill Run and drive straight back. The stuff is at the back of the complex sitting next to the road.

1) Dell Computer Keyboard

2) 3 Tealight holder - very Asian inspired.

3) Set of aluminum and pressboard utility shelves. Its currently in two pieces but it is all stackable to make one large unit.

4) Green glass pitcher

5) Two matted and gold framed Sun and Moon prints.

6) Racquet Ball racket

7) Large Square glass candle holder

8) G, L, and C intial rubber stamps

9) Exercise Stretch Bands

10) Saltines Cracker Tin

11) Tin Mug/Mini pitcher - reminiscent of camp gear.

12) Porcealin and glass small hurricane lamp - tea light/votive candle holder.

13) Aluminum Crutches

14) Creative Memories compatible scrapbook - white with gold embellishments

15) Ethan Allen Antique Velvet Love Seat - much loved on by cats, but otherwise in good condition - It's a lovely blue/beige striped couch with some cat scratches on the one corner

16) dining room chairs, upholstered back and seat, green - kind of hotel room looking

17) Assorted clothing - ATA Taekwondo Gi jacket extra large


_bella_luna10:07am: Slashing Prices!!!!

I've got an antique Ethan Allen love seat for $10 or best offer

I've got a coffee table for $2.50

Dining room table! $5.00

Utility shelves brand new for $10

I've got sterling silver jewelry, picture frames -

Outdoor adirondack chairs!


Please come get this stuff. I'll give it to you SUPER DUPER Cheap if you come take it off my hands!

If you don't see me standing outside just knock on my door - its freakin hot outside!

Mill Run Apartments - drive straight back for awesome stuff!


21st June 2006

_bella_luna11:51am: Moving Sale! Very Cool Stuff!
My husband and I are having a moving sale on Saturday starting at 7 a.m.

Give us your money and take our stuff.

If you see something you want but don't like the price - haggle with me. I'm all about getting your cash and getting rid of my stuff in any way, shape or form.

We'll have furniture (dining table, awesome gamer's chair, antique Ethan Allen love seat among other things!), home decor items, funky items and possibly some RPG stuff. Of course BOOKS and CDs!!!! Possibly even some really cool kitchen gadgets!

So come out, take our stuff and give me some money. Haggle, haggle, haggle! I don't want anything left at the end of the morning!

Where: Mill Run Complex on SW 20th Avenue - SW 20th Ave is the road the runs between the Kash-N-Karry and the Campus Credit Union on 34th Street

Directions: Turn into the Mill Run complex and drive straight back. You won't be able to miss us!

Time: Starting at 7 a.m. so come out early and get the good stuff before it goes!

Oh, everything is from our smoke-free home, so no funky smells!


13th June 2006

refreshedkaos10:44pm: Attn: Drummers
Touring Drummer needed

For a band from Chicago who are currently recording in Central Florida then leave for summer tour on July 5th

Must be available to tour-
July 5th- Aug 4th
then Aug 14th- Sept 20th

must be at least 18 years old
Have pro equipment
Be able to play to a click
Be able to start practicing in Central Florida asap then leave for tour on the 5th of July
May turn into full time drummer

If interested, email Krystin@KaMoKoalition.com for more info. Please include info about yourself and experience, link to mp3s of you drumming if available, and your myspace/livejournal/etc link if available.



5th June 2006

zoemunke6:19pm: I'm looking for a summer job. I'm moving to G-ville on Saturday (from Texas). I only need one until school starts (then I'll be a TA). I've worked in a pharmacy for the past 4.5 years, but do not want to continue this field. Any suggestions/ideas? Anything is a appreciated...

All the best.


28th May 2006

_wokendream_3:33pm: Hi, I'm a newb
I'm starting UF in Summer B and I was just wondering about how many credit hours I should take. I know this will be taken care of at pre-view, but I want an idea of the courses I want to take before I go.

Also, I'm considering taking MAC1147 over the summer and I've looked up the professors on "ratemyprofessors.com" The only one I found was Larissa Williamson, and there weren't many good reviews (mostly because of her accent). The other two professors are Miriam Castillo-gil and Ryan Hatch, and I did not find anything about them. So if anyone can tell me anything I'd appreciate it. :-)

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24th May 2006

myownsky3:56pm: Check out this Church. It's Non-Denominational, they support local music/art (alot of Lakeland bands already go there), VERY casual dress (shorts/tshirts/flipflops), alternative band, pastor was a national touring comedian (makes for some very entertaining moments haha), it's just not like ANY other church and if you think I'm BSing you, see for yourself. I freakin hated church for a long time until I met the pastor here. If you go, don't just go, talk to Chris Elrod (the pastor) and you'll see what I mean. You won't regret it.



14th May 2006


FMF - 4 days/9 venues/250 bands
Downtown Orlando, Fl.
$10 per night or $25 full event

Tim performas on:
Thursday May 18 - 9:00pm
Tanquery's Stage
Orange St.



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