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EUS 4930: Absurd Politics

Hey all - sorry to be spammy, but I have a course that got into the catalogue late, and hasn't been well publicized. So I'm, shall we say, engaging in creative marketing. It's in the Center for European Studies, so while it probably won't actually help anyone on earth graduate, I can at least promise that it'll be an interesting class. And unlike all your other classes, it actually gets easier as the semester goes on - the hard reading is at the start, and the last four weeks have virtually no reading. (One Shakespeare play and a single essay over all four weeks.)

The class is on absurdist theater in Europe, focusing particularly on the life and career of Vaclav Havel, a Czech playwright who was a political dissident under Soviet rule, and who, after the ten-day nonviolent Velvet Revolution of 1989 was elected president of Czechoslovakia. The course will try to figure out how it is that a playwright, of all people, whose plays could not even legally be performed in his own country, was able to have sufficient influence to become President of the country after its revolution.

On top of that, there will be a look at other absurdist plays (Ionesco, Sartre), some short stories of Kafka, some films, a prison memoir, several essays, and a Slovenian rock band that does industrial covers of the Beatles.

So if anyone is interested and has an elective free, please go for it. It'd be a particularly good class for English majors, I reckon, though theater and history probably wouldn't find it totally useless either.

The course website is here. The section number is 6837, the course number is EUS 4930.
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