gatorgirl5601 (gatorgirl5601) wrote in alligatorrocks,

HELP! Sublease for Spring Semester!!

Hi everyone!

If you know anyone coming up to UF for spring, unhappy with their current setup, etc...send them my way!!

I'm subleasing my 1/1 room in a 4b/4bath apartment for the spring semester, January through May. It's only $425 per month with all utilities included (wireless internet, cable, electricity, etc) and you get a walk-in closet, private bathroom, and spacious bedroom (furnished)! There's a full kitchen AND laundry room. Plus, its located really close to UF with bus routes 12 and 35 going to campus all the time. Only requirement is that you must be female, as you'll be living with 3 other girls. They're all easy going and very studious (law student, pre-vet, etc). As far as pets go, small caged animals are allowed. It's at University Terrace Gainesville (the one off of Archer, down 34th street) and conveniently located near Butler plaza and all the shopping. If you want more information, email me at Thank you! :)

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